Eight lives collide in a freewheeling, contemporary comedy of errors set in the underground Wu Wei Club in the remote city of Urumqi, China. Evil plots are destroyed, secrets are exposed, lost souls rescued and a marriage saved... all over the course of a single night of art,food and music, perfectly orchestrated by the owner, Donnie Lau. An original concept from Francesco Ferracin. Co-producer: WeMakeVR (NL).


A beautiful but ruthless warrior is cursed to wander the world for eternity, until the selfless sacrifice of a man will redeem her. Set in ancient China and contemporary Shanghai, this tragic love story is inspired by the European myth of "The Flying Dutchman". Written for the screen by Francesco Ferracin.

That Year in China

Using her family's position and her fiancé's connections, in 1938 Leona Brittling lands her first journalistic assignment in Hong Kong. Naive, untested and thoroughly stubborn, Leona travels to the ancient capital of Hankow to report from the front, where she becomes caught up in the chaos and gross injustices of the Japanese invasion. Her entanglement with a maverick French reporter, Andre Valois, and deep friendship with Chen Tien-Chun, a dedicated but disillusioned doctor, brings Leona to an understanding of where her destiny - and her heart - lies. That Year in China is based on the diaries of journalist Doris Rubens Macauley. Screenplay by Francesco Ferracin and Terence Doyle. A co-production with Ytinifni Pictures (US) and MarVivoFilms (China).

The Golden Cage

Maddy and Jason, a young British couple, uproot themselves and their children for a new life in China. Isolated in a golden cage in the monstrous city of Shenzhen, they begin to unravel when they realise their marriage was built on a dream they no longer believe in. Maddy discovers that Jason has betrayed her and, blinded by her irrational love, she sets out to extract revenge. Destiny intervenes to pull Maddy back from the brink, leaving Jason to take responsibility for his choices. In the end they must acknowledge where the truth lies, or accept the high cost of their complicity. Aku Louhimies directs from an original screenplay by Francesco Ferracin.